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Slow Food movement profiled in Columbus Alive!

From Columbus Alive!

Kitchen Ink: Slow & Steady

by G.A. Benton

It looks like the Slow Food movement is growing pretty fast. Witness the vigorous interest shown in the local chapter’s upcoming dinner at Rigsby’s – by the time you read this, the $65, five-course wine meal likely will be sold out.

Shortly after moving to Columbus last year, Colleen Braumoeller noticed that our town wasn’t represented in the Slow Food USA organization and so she decided to start a local branch (called a “convivium”) herself. The still-growing collection of like-minded real-deal diners has conducted several intriguing and green-leaning events, like locavore farm dinners and an inspired Ohio vs. Michigan state-made wine taste-off held during the week of the big game.

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