Refectory Dinner: French Country Meets Ohio Countryside

On June 5, The Refectory was good enough to host our third major dinner, an event we called “French Country Meets Ohio Countryside.” The idea was to have a traditional Refectory-style French country dinner in the open air on their patio, but using, as much as possible, all Ohio ingredients, right down to the wines (a prospect that made some oenophiles flinch — needlessly, as it turns out!) The menu for the dinner was as follows: French Country Meets Ohio Countryside The Refectory, June 5, 2008 English cucumber with dill cream on toast Puff pastry with Montcharet cheese and tomato 2007 Kinkead Ridge White Revelation Chilled Ohio emu egg omelette with smoked salmon, chives, mushrooms, and t

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