Announcing Slow Wine!

At our last Executive Committee meeting we realized that we don’t hear from all of you as much as we’d like to, so we decided that we’re going to try a new series of events: Slow Wine! The idea is simple: As many of us can make it (usually one or two, probably, but maybe more) will head to a local wine shop, get a glass or a bottle of wine, and just hang out for an hour or so. If any of you — members, nonmembers on the mailing list, people curious about Slow Food, strangers (well… not too strange) — want to drop by for a glass of wine and a chat, feel free! The inaugural Slow Wine evening will be Wednesday, July 23, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Spagio Cellars. We anticipate being at Spagio Cellars

Mockingbird Meadows Tasting and Tour

We were worried about the weather… but once we arrived, the threatening clouds disappeared and we ended up with a beautiful day. Dawn Combs and her husband Carson took us on a tour of Mockingbird Meadows, their honey and herb farm. Dawn has been selling her (amazing) infused honey at farmers’ markets, festivals, and events in the Columbus area as well as at the Greener Grocer in the North Market, and she will be attending Slow Food Nation in September. She also just got word that Whole Foods will be carrying a line of her products! We started off, appropriately enough, at the hives. Dawn told us quite a bit about the biodynamic nature of her farm, which means not only that everything is done

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