Slavery in Florida’s Tomato Fields

People often ask us what we mean by the “fair” part of “good, clean, and fair” food. We generally reply that we mean food that’s produced in a way that supports social justice, that ensures that everyone in the chain of production is treated well and fairly. But that’s often a somewhat fuzzy criterion, and it can lead to parallels like fair-trade coffee, which are inexact. But now that the most recent Gourmet magazine has come out, we can point to the tomato fields of Florida for a clear example of what we mean by “fair.” Put simply: Not that. The article details a ghastly practice that most tomato-eating Americans probably think only exists in history books. Since 1997, police have freed o

Slow Food First Anniversary Dinner

Slow Food Columbus has had a thrilling first year with a burgeoning membership and some spectacular events, most notably the Shake the Hand that Feeds you Dinner at the Flying J Farm in September. The anniversary dinner was an opportunity to celebrate the convivium and fittingly, the Italian roots of the Slow Food movement with a Sardinian wine dinner. Kent Rigsby is both a proponent and practitioner of Slow Food and it was thus fitting that he offered to host the first anniversary dinner at Rigsby’s Kitchen. The event was attended by almost eighty enthusiastic diners. The dinner featured winemaker Antonella Mancini, a second generation winemaker from the Sardinian town of Olbia and the meal

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