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Shake the Hand that Feeds You 2023... shakes things up!

On Saturday, September 30th, we are shaking things up for our annual fundraiser dinner at 5pm, as we once again gather to join with other Slow Food members and supporters to recognize all the work that farmers, producers, and cooks are putting in to make good, clean, and fair food available to all.

Rather than our traditional dinner prepared by local chefs, our 15th Shake the Hand that Feeds You will take the form of a Harvest Potluck, which will be held in the Franklinton Farms Learning Garden. Each participating diner (aged 10+) will be asked to bring a dish that features ingredients from their favorite grower or producer and/or embodies the tasty and soul-nourishing values they associate with the good, clean, and fair ethos of the Slow Food movement. Each dish per ticket should provide 5-6 servings.

For the purposes of this year's dinner, foods/dishes that fit the bill include:

1. Dishes that highlight/include an Ark of Taste ingredient(s). Scroll to the bottom of this page to check out what's currently on the Ark:

2. Dishes that contain ingredients made by local/regional farmers/producers, ideally those who embody good (in terms of health and taste), clean (for the environment, sustainable), and fair (for the consumer, as well as the producer, usually in terms of pricing). For more information, please visit:

Please visit this page to see the current Potluck Menu.

Contact to discuss your menu item(s).

Alternatively, each Slow Food member may make a $10 contribution ($15 for non-Slow Food members) to offset our shared expenses. Take note that September 14th is Give What You Can Day, at which point you could join Slow Food USA (and then receive member pricing). A current Slow Food member ID is required as proof of membership.

Of final note, this is a dry event. Alcohol is not permitted in the Learning Garden.

To get your seat(s), please visit this ticketing link:

Interested in donating to Franklinton Farms? If so, visit: Fundraisers — Franklinton Farms

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