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Shake the Hand That Feeds You

This year, we're thrilled to return to Lasting Impressions for our next Shake the Hand that Feeds You dinner, which will take place on Saturday, October 23rd! 


Shake the Hand that Feeds You is the largest fundraiser event that we plan. In particular, it raises funds for our local chapter, which we use to support community gardens/farms and food-related events throughout the year. 


Please note that, due to the seasonal nature and availability of ingredients from local partners, we cannot guarantee the accommodation of specific food restrictions. As the menu comes together, we will update this page to reflect what our chefs have cooked up for the evening's meal.

What you can expect so far:

  • Bread service by Dan the Baker

  • Wine pairings by Patrick Allen of Patrick Allen Selections

  • At least one course featuring Tiger Mushroom Farms's shiitake mushrooms

  • The collaborative culinary stylings of central Ohio chefs and supporters of Slow Food: Aaron Mercier (58 West, and one of our newest Board members), Jonette Williams (Glorieux Wafulz), Ashley Dorn & Ryan Bentley (Butchers Galley at The Butcher & Grocer East Market), Nathan Killen (TB&G Meats), and Jennifer Harp (Paris 75)!

If you are a member of any Slow Food Chapter, please contact the Chapter Leader ( for a discount code good for up to 4 tickets to reveal Slow Food member pricing. (Mark Anthony will need your Chapter affiliation and Slow Food member ID number.)

We hope you can join us in a spirit of conviviality, as we celebrate good, clean, and fair food!

Meet Ups
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Spring 2021 APOP + SFC Lecture Series -
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Slow Wine Gathering


meet like-minded people


(Stay tuned for our next event!)


PRODUCERS PANELS: "The Organic Life"

For our first Producers Panel, we tested out a hybrid model of attendance at CLEAVER and discussed varying conceptions of "organic" from the perspective of restauranteurs and farmers. For our second producer panel, Master Gardener and Pollinator Specialization Advocate is Dianne Kadonaga led us through her 1,000 square foot backyard garden, Sunny Glen Garden.


Spring 2022: "From around the World to Columbus: Bringing Home Tastes of Place"

Our spring event with Ohio State APOP brought together voices of the Columbus food scene in the name of sharing their impressions about what good, clean, and fair food means to them, highlighting throughout our discussion the inherent community that revolves around "glocal" (the global + local) tastes. To view the recorded event, click here.

Spring 2021: "Adaptation and Resilience: Food, Food Security, and Food Systems in and outside of Central Ohio"

For our third series with Ohio State APOP, we discussed how restaurant owners, farmers, and researchers have had to navigate challenges brought about by COVID-19 and the steps they have taken to affirm and uphold the work they are doing. To view our recorded lectures, click here.

Autumn 2020: "Seeking Good, Clean, and Fair Food for All: Equity, Inclusion, and Justice" 

Slow Food Columbus partnered once again with Ohio State's Anthropology Public Outreach Program (APOP) for an autumn lecture series that focused on the Slow Food USA Manifesto for Equity, Inclusion, and Justice. Please visit either our page or APOP's page for further event information and registration! To view recordings of previous lecture series events, click this link.

Spring 2020: "Good, Clean, and Fair: Slow Food for All?"

Slow Food Columbus partnered with Ohio State's Anthropology Public Outreach Program (APOP) for a spring lecture series that focused on the tenets of the Slow Food Movement. We invite you to check out parts 2 and 3, which were recorded via CarmenZoom and posted on our YouTube Channel, by clicking this link.


Can you BEE-lieve it? We've got another SFC + Bexley Natural Market co-sponsored event on the horizon... this time on bee pollination!! We hope you can join us, along with panelists from Honeyrun FarmSeed BabiesJorgensen Farms, and The Wellness Wildcrafter


In Italian, the toast between glasses isn't "Cheers!" but rather "Cin Cin!" We raise a glass as we welcome Olivia Reviglio of Slow Wine (based in Italy) to central Ohio. We hope you can join us to welcome Olivia and learn more about Slow Wine, as well as connect with other members of the Slow Food Columbus community. For more information about Slow Wine, please visit:

BOOK SIGNING: 'THE GROCERY STORY' BY JON STEINMAN Jon Steinman, author of “Grocery Story” is making a stop at the Bexley Natural Market as he travels across the country on a book tour. Jon will give a presentation on the influence of grocery stores, and the importance of supporting local. From disturbing trends on food supply to why community owned grocery stores are more important than ever for maintaining the integrity of our food, this is an event not to be missed! This book signing and networking event is being co-sponsored by Slow Food Columbus. We especially invite all our members--past, present, and hopefully future--to attend and meet the folks over at the Bexley Natural Market!


We welcome one and all to a meet-and-greet with the vibrant colors and flavors of the '80s AND members of the Slow Food Columbus community! And what better way to do so with tacos that highlight organic ingredients from local vendors?! In addition to learning more about your local Slow Food chapter, Board member Dr. Jen Dyer will present new information about the harm caused by processed foods on children's health and their future risk of developing diabetes and obesity. Good, clean, and fair food not only is delicious but is healthy...especially for our children!



celebrating food, farmers and chefs




The Shake The Hand That Feeds You Dinner has been one of the most highly anticipated events for food lovers around Ohio for years. This joyful evening of celebrating food tradition never fails to amaze. Dinner guests gather together with a spirit of conviviality to celebrate food diversity and experience the reality of good, clean and fair food. 

Our 13th Shake the Hand that Feeds You dinner took place on Thursday, October 30, 2021, at Lasting Impressions. To view photos from the dinner prepared by chefs Laura Lee of Ajumama and Hisham Omardien of Hisham's Food Truck, please visit this online album.

Our 12th Shake the Hand that Feeds You dinner took place on Thursday, October 3, 2019, at Anderson Farms in Granville. To view photos from the dinner, please visit this online album.


SFC is incredibly thankful for the generosity of Slow Food members Bob and Rachel Stern, who hosted a rooftop terrace dinner, which featured the seasonal products of Canal Junction Farm. Proceeds from the dinner were donated directly to our local chapter. 


Ohio Food, French Technique was a celebration of Ohio farmers and food producers and the master culinary technique of Chef Richard of The Refectory. Guests enjoyed a five course meal, expertly paired with wines from Patrick Allen Selections, showcasing among others local producers of meat, cheese,  and chocolate.


In honor of Slow Food Columbus’ 10th anniversary, the evening’s theme returned to the roots of Slow Food, which was founded in Bra, Italy. Guests were asked to bring a dish from Piedmont, Italy—be it an old family favorite or a new dish they wanted to try.

Event Calendar


events around town you might be interested in

See our calendar below for events happening around Columbus. 

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