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"Good, Clean, and Fair: Slow Food for All?"

Slow Food Columbus is partnering with the OSU Anthropology Public Outreach Program for a spring lecture series. This three-part iteration takes a multidisciplinary approach to discussing the interconnected principles of the Slow Food Movement.

UPDATE (4/24): We have posted the recordings from events 2 and 3 onto our YouTube Channel, which you may access via this link.

UPDATE (3/15): Given ongoing coronavirus concerns, and in an effort to model social distancing, our next APOP+SFC Lecture Series event will be taking place using the Zoom meeting platform.* This event is free and open to the public (including those outside of Ohio State and the immediate Columbus community), though advanced registration is required.

GOOD: Wednesday, March 4th

"Good food" is defined by Slow Food as quality, flavorsome, and health food. This panel approaches the concept of "good" from various perspectives, as we think about food in terms of symbol, culture, and biology. In so doing, we pay attention to fundamental questions such as what is good, for whom, and whether this is all just "good to think with"?

CLEAN: Wednesday, March 25th:

By "clean food," we refer to food that is produced without harm to the environment. Whether it's farming locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally, our panelists provide varied perspectives of educating consumers, students, and farmers. Indeed, how do we balance care for the planet and the life it sustains?

FAIR: Wednesday, April 22nd

For food to be considered "fair food,' prices for consumers should be accessible and producers should have fair working conditions and pay. We extend these perspectives as we consider ways to live out the Slow Food philosophy, especially but not limited to food gap communities and school cafeterias. What practical steps can we take to eat good, clean, and fair?

**This will be our first time utilizing Zoom for a meeting such as this. We thank you in advance for your patience as we transition this event to the online format.

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