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Central Ohio Artisans at Slow Food Nation

Colleen will have details when she returns from Slow Food Nation in a few days, but in the interim I’ve noticed that Ohio artisans are already getting noticed by the livebloggers in San Francisco. Dawn Combs’ honey clearly impressed this visitor, among others:

In the Pavilions ($65 per person) I tasted many things produced brilliantly by slow food artisans in the United States: Native Foods: Buffalo Stew Pickles: Fiddleheads, Ramps, a lovely beet-stained egg, cumin green bean, okra, asparagus, and a Persian 7 year herb pickle. Fish: four things Charcuterie: seven things, including lardo Wine: four ciders, a sparking mead, and a number of wines Olive Oil: two Tuscan styles Honey: three honeys, espresso-infused and ginger/garlic/lemon-infused honey from Marysvile, Ohio, and a delicious tiny honey/ rosewater/ pistachio cupcake from Citizen Cake Cheese: three cheeses Coffee: Three single varietals (Clover brewed and served with detailed descriptions of the farmers and origins), and a Brazilian single varietal espresso from a Santa Rosa roaster. Beer: A brandywine Bread: Four Indian flatbreads and chutney

… and Jeni Britton and her team are wowing visitors to the Ice Cream Pavilion [here, here]:

I'm sure we’ll hear more soon, but I’m glad to be seeing them mentioned before the event is even over!

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