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Announcing “Local and Loving It” — Our Inaugural Dinner!

Greetings All,

At long last we are announcing the details of our inaugural event, a special Italian dinner at Cafe del Mondo at 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 20. It is called “Local and Loving It,” as we are eating a variety of local and organic foods and dining with the people who produced them. Of course, great wine pairings are included as well. The divine espresso, imported from Rome, will be prepared by a talented barista. We will take our time and enjoy a lovely meal with like-minded new friends.

As you probably know by now, the Slow Food movement was started in Italy. Its central three principles for a food system are these: Food must be good (healthful and delicious), it must be clean (produced sustainable in ways that are sensitive to the environment), and it must be fair (produced with respect for social justice). The most important principle, for me, is just to learn to slow down and enjoy!

We are accepting paid reservations only for the meal. Reservations can be made with a credit card via the PayPal-powered shopping cart at our website. The price is $37, which includes four courses with wine pairings. Seating is family style and very limited: only 32 people will be able to attend. More details about our hosts, farmers, producers and the menu are available on our website where you can click on the “Events” tab. Please join us!

We look forward to hearing from and seeing you.



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